Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're halfway there....

oooh ooohh Living on a prayer! :o} (Bon Jovi is/was/is the ish)

So I happened to glance at my calendar today and saw that it's July 1st. What the freak!?!? 2009 is half over already? Where was I when this happened? I'm not ready...really I'm not! The last 6 months of the year are my busy months. Where I have NO free time...none ya'll!

What keeps me so busy? We'll I'll tell ya!

1. Cheer- yeah cheer. I'm a cheer coach for my B's cheer squad. Call me a stage mom all you want...I so am! I had no idea how much work went into cheer until she came home and asked to cheer with her friend from next door. Our lives haven't been the same since. You should see this girl work out...puts some football players to shame! :o) We practice Tues-Thurs and have games every Saturday and not just hers...we also get to run to her brothers flag football games; because of the age difference they aren't on the same team. Lucky me! I see many of my cheerleaders throughout the year and love when they yell "Hi Coach Alice" across the school or at the grocery store. I'm proud that I've touched their lives. B is the one in the middle holding up the flyer (girl on top) yeah she works out, no biggie. 'Cept she is holding a whole other person in the air with only a back spot! Holla!

2. Chargers Football-E'ry Sunday (yes we go to church too...relax!) we are either at the Q tailgating in D4 before the game or at home getting ready to root the Chargers on...yeah they can hear us through the TV! Don't even trip! This year My Rock and I have a goal to hit one road game...maybe Kansas? Some people think I'm a "football fan" cause of My Rock..pssshh I've ALWAYS been a CHARGER FAN...I could care less about other teams...I was raised right! :o} I follow my favorite players on Twitter...Shaun Phillips is the ish...I'm just sayin'!

Part of our Familia from D4 after another Charger victory!

3. Softball-Holla!! Friday nights I get together with La Familia (team name and they are family in so many ways) and we whoop on other teams that are crazy enough to take us on! Okay we lose a game here and there...but it keeps us on our toes. I am not naturally athletic so I stuggle a bit, but I really do love it and give it my all. Plus I LOVE watching my Rock play, he is so good...I'm a little jealous. All our kids are out there cheering us on...I love that we get to reverse roles every once in a while.

Yeah that's not a picture of me...but her name is Alice too so it counts! oh and I can's slow pitch softball mind you. :o}

4. I'm a Mom yo! - I got 'sponsibilities...I take care of the hubby, the kids and the home...oh yeah and I work full time. I was just telling my friend HG that growing up I wanted to be so many things doctor, attorney, would change all the time...except for one thing. I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be a Mommy. They really are the reason for my existence. I'm so lucky to have the kids I do. They inspire me and challenge me to be a better person every day.

They're all done up fancy for Halo's quince. Gosh I love them!

5. Freelance Make-up artist- Okay so this doesn't keep me THAT busy...but when I have an opening in my crazy schedule, I'm fillin' it with a dance or a wedding or what have you. I love doing make-up and if I could make real money and still have my weekends to spend with the kiddos I'd do it full time. It's like playing dress up. Want me to do you up? Holla at cha girl!

This isn't the best representation of my work since it's an "after the sweaty dancing shot" but it's all I had on my phone.


HG just sent me this picture...she thinks my make-up was awesome this day..she didn't say that...I just know it cause that's why she sent it. haha! It's from the No Doubt concert when I went wild with purple.

So, in no particular order that's me...that's my life. Now you know...if my blog isn't updated too'll know why.

Oh but wait...It's what's around the corner?'Member? You 'member!

It's on a I was thinking of doing a weeklong tribute to love. I will definitely be posting some photos from the wedding. So get ready to laugh!!



  1. STAGE MOM'S UNITE! If we dont push our kids - who will? If we dont expect more from them - who will? Like Keith Sweat said "Who can love you like me?? NOBODY!"...

  2. Wow!!! That's a whole lotta stuff! You're an awesome mom!! =]


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