Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I told you he had issues....

Besides the fact that my son thinks Buster is a horse. My Dog's issues continue.

Yeah Buster struts his stuff when My little Rock does this. Like he is a show pony. haha!

So this morning I'm in the shower when I hear what I can only describe as doggie screams coming from my backyard. They weren't barks...they were bloody murder torture screams. I thought that maybe our neighbors little dog somehow got in our back yard and Buster was um... "lovin' it long time".
But it wasn' was this: Buster had somehow managed to get my make shift plant holder attached to the ring on his collar where we hook on his leash. He was choking himself trying to swing the thing off his collar. So what does super doggie mommy do? Well I throw my nightgown back on and run to the rescue. What does Buster do? He runs from me of course! So here I am soaking wet, in my nightgown (and NOTHING else) yelling "Stop! I'm trying to help you" and yes I realize he doesn't understand but I still am freakin' out. So, I finally hold him down long enough to get the thing off and he proceeds to lick my toes in gratitude.

Once my adrenaline stops pumping I realize what my neighbors could see if they looked out their upstairs window to see what the rukus was about. I dashed back into the house...but yeah I'm pretty sure I saw their blinds move....
I wonder how My Rock is gonna react tonight when I tell him we're moving.


  1. HAHAHA - dont worry, I still got a visual. Doggie screams are sounds that reverberate in my head. Horrible.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA I love dog stories. (obviously since you've read my blog). Murphy and Panda got their collars stuck together and Panda was screaming the other day. This reminded me of that!!!! HAHAHA!!!


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