Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I think are LAME-O

So I read Sarah's funny post and laughed that my obsession of texting and using my ghetto fab slang misspellings are things she thinks are lame :o). Then I read Lauren's post and was like yeah I'm way lame in her eyes (loves me pedicures long time/reality MTV is the ish). haha!

Ladies....I hope we can still be blog friends.

sooooo here is my list of things I think are lame-O.

1. Clothes on Dogs.
Um hello...they are dogs. Not little hairy human people. Don't get me wrong I love my dog (despite his issues) but he's not a person. Jus' sayin'

2. Hoochies at Sporting events. Yeah I said it! It's a sporting event...not a night club! The players aren't gonna see you and fall in love...they're busy! Although it is funny to watch you fall in your 4 inch heels hiking back to your car after the game. Thanks for that at least. haha!

3. Unblended eyeshadow

Just looking at this picture is irking me. It's a great application...eyebrows are why oh why didn't they blend it upwards? When I see this I want to ask if I can please blend it for them.

4. Vanilla Scented anything

Yes I realize it's a popular fragrance...I still think it stinks. Yeah seriously I do. the only vanilla I want to smell is vanilla cupcakes baking in my oven. YUM!

5. Women who answer the door like this Fresh From The Shower

Especially when MY Rock is knocking because he's there to install your new service...sure it "totally slipped your mind" that you have a service call in. I will find you and I will not be nice. Have some self respect.

So my list was kinda lame...but it's all I could come up with today.



  1. HAHAHA! I totally agree with the hoochie's at sporting events. And we're even because my dog wears sweaters and polo shirts and I like vanilla smelly stuff. And it's not all texting I hate so we're still friends. And your ghetto-fab slang is the ISH!! HAHAHA <3

  2. Love your list! I am especially with you on the dressing up your dog thing! So lame.

  3. I totally agree with you on all points! We should be friends. Ha ha ha!

  4. Umm...I'm afraid, I would be guilty of the #1 item on your list...IF IT LOOKED GOOD ON RAJA. but because she's not furry enough, I dont do it. (yes, thats the ONLY reason!)

  5. Uhm, I'm guilty of #1 too cuz Patty has a winter coat! Ha! Just cuz she has fur doesn't mean a girl doesn't get cold too!

  6. Okay, the hoochie one had me laughing...please add to that "hoochie's at amusement parks"!!! Seriously...Magic Mountain in 4 in heels? Seriously?! lmao!


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