Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weeklong Blog fest of Love {Memory lane}

My blogger is not cooperating this post will just be a short trip down memory lane. Here are jsut a few of our best moments so far.
(short and random...just like me!)

Wedding day with my Grandparents
This is a big deal because my Grandma passed just 3 short months later after a long battle with cancer. She was sooooo happy and insisted on standing next to my Rock. She loved him.

Cake time!
Don't let the smile fool you...I was mad. We spent hours on that make-up. My brother dared Rocky so I can't blame him. We don't back down from dares!

The arrival of our first born-Baby B
Here we are waiting for our c-section. Apparently he thought he was a doctor and was checking my "progress". Hello!?! There is a human trying to make it's way out of my body!!

Leaving the hospital with #2 (My little Rock)
He was soooo happy to have his boy! I was wondering how we made a little white baby. two halves due in fact make a whole!! :D

I just like my shirt in this picture. This is from our first season being ticket holders. We are BIG Charger fans. We love out tailgates.

DISNEYLAND! We used to go each year for B's birthday...haven't been for the last 2 years. Time to start the tradition back up.

Our last trip to Disneyland for B's birthday in '05

This picture cracks me up cause you'd think it was the artic and not SoCal!

Gina's Graduation from 8th gradeThis is our most updated family picture even though it's from a year ago. We're taking more soon...I promise!

That's it for today...sorry I couldn't post more!! Tomorrow concludes the Weeklong Blog Fest of Love!


P.S. There aren't any pictures of me having Gina cause I wasn't there. *GASP!!* I'm not her "BM" just her Mommy! She asked me to be her Mommy when she was 3 and My Rock and I were just dating. I'm glad we all decided that would be a good idea cause I totally loves her! :o)

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