Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weeklong blog fest of Love {How do I love thee}

There are countless reasons why I am so in love with My Rock. I couldn't list them all if I tried....but I'll give you some of the little things....those are the ones that count after all. :o)

He's a Freakin' All-Star when it comes to any sport. However, we regularly play softball...and boy does that man know how to play. I love playing on the same field as him every Friday and I love the times I can just watch him from the stands. I love hearing people say "dang whose that at short" or "don't hit it to that guy, he's got a vacuum for a glove". Better recognize! haha!
Look white men can jump..or at least half white ones can. crap...that wasn't very bad. Anywho check the pic yo...told you he is an all-star. *Swoon*

He makes the best pancakes in the world! Seriously...they are the bombdotcom. I don't know what he does to make them so good. So good in fact that I don't even care that he can't cook anything else. He'll even randomly make breakfast for dinner. One of the family favorites.
(by the way grilling does not = cooking...right?)
I seriously never get tired of seeing this picture. It's a blog classic!

He gives our family & friends free haircuts in our garage. No he's not a "professional" persay but he does a damn good job! Plus he hooks it up gratis. It started because he cuts his own hair...and people would give him props then ask him to hook them up...sometimes they bring him special 'thank you' gifts.
cough *beer* cough :o)
Here is my favorite cousin "aka weekend kid" getting his mop of hair cut off. Thank God!! :D
p.s. see how he always wears his wedding ring...I love that too!!

He opens doors for me...still! Yeah even my car door to get in or out. If he is there and there's a door to be opened he does it. This drives the Heathers' nuts because I'm so used to having my door opened for me I tend to pause by doors no matter who I'm with and wait for them to open it. haha! I'm working on this I promise! He's also taught my little Rock to do the same for the girls in his life. :o)He was opening the door for me when I got home from work and was wondering why I was taking a you know honey!

He reads my blog- All by himself...I didn't have to ask him to...or give him "special hugs" or anything. He just decided he wanted to be awesome and read it. Or he could be wondering why he was getting egg jokes texted to him by random friends. He's not signed up as a follower....yet. Baby steps.
This is how I found out he reads it. He mentioned our "hook-up" story. Guess my gangsta look still draws him in! hahaha!

He picked me!! Out of all the girls in the world he chose to spend his life with ME!! He picked me to wake up to every morning, he picked me to have his babies with, he picked me to love! Gosh he's a good picker!!
I told you you'd get a wedding picture! And yes my eyes are closed. It's how I roll.


  1. the blogfest of love is so beautiful Alice. I can't even think of anything funny or witty to say right now. I'm rly happy for you and it is so refreshing to know there are men like your Rock in the world. He sounds like a keeper.

  2. I love that picture of him in the apron. Hehe. And Brinner (aka Breakfast for dinner) is the BEST so just the fact that he cooks that is priceless. I'm so excited we are friends.

    P.S. I just saw that your occupation has you listed as Ninja. It's funny because 99% of the time I say I am a Ninja too! However, this 1% said I was a pirate but close enough! Haha!!!!!

  3. awww- there i go with the waterworks again. you are lucky alice. truly lucky. yea yea - so is he... ;)

  4. Awesome. You are a lucky lady, even though you need to keep him away from your computer! :)
    Just kidding. He does look hot in the pink apron, though. Can't wait to see the next blog!

  5. Aww...You make me love Rocky too and I don't even know him!! Hahaha! He's a lucky man to have such an awesome wife! Keep living the dream, my friend. Oh, and I am loving the throwback pics!!! You looked like a BABY...prolly cuz you were!! Love it.


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