Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wonderful Randomness

'Member how I mentioned that I'm really busy? Weeeellllll...this week marks the official start of my 'crazyness'.

Cheer and football season! (Yeah cheer comes first! ha!) posts may become fewer and far between...But I still gots nothing but love for you!

Here is some Alice randomness for you to enjoy!!!!

It was REALLY hot last week! I mean really hot look:

did you see that? 100 degrees! ONE HUNDO! What.the.freak! I know what your thinking...."that's nothing" but let me remind you that I live on the coast, in a beach city...not the flippin' mojave! 100 is not normal....not here...not with leather seats! OUCH....seriously!

My Rock sent me these beautiful roses to work for our Anniversary!

Awe!! I loves him!! When I got home he was like "what are those?" and I said "Ummm hello you sent me roses to work" dorkface... He said those aren't the ones he ordered...I guess they were supposed to be bigger?? WTF? I love them anyways, they're perfecto!!

I got my season tickets in the mail!!! Holla!!

I love, love, love My Chargers!! I love going to the games. I love tailgating with my friends and family before the games. I love when they have give aways and me and My Rock compete to see who can get more "extras" from the people handing them out. I usually win.

First Day of school....smack in the middle of Summer!

All the public schools in our town are on a new "modified schedule". So that means Monday was back to school day! My kids hate the idea of being in school already...I of course don't mind it cause it just means I don't have to hear how bored they are at home each day. Here are my little ones on Monday. I now have a 4th grader and 1st grader!! WOW!! My 10th grader was out the door so early on the first day I didn't even get a picture. :( She did it on purpose!!

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Look at Mr. Cooper trying to get a taste of his Daddy's "root beer". I mean he is holding that thing with BOTH hands! haha! Is he not the cutest 4 month old you know? When I see him in all his cuteness it really makes me want to have another baby. :o( It's not gonna happen...I know this and I'm glad to be done. But I'm a girl and the baby smell is toxic!! I need to be around Coop when is has poop! haha!

That's it for now! I'm working on a list of Projects I am hoping to get done this idea I stole from Amber so that I can be held accountable for my slackerness (my new word for the day).
Finishing that list is item #1! :D Until next time....


  1. I won't even comment on the heat thing...haha!

    How sweet of him to send you roses! Darling!

  2. 100 degrees?! Remember last year we would go to lunch and your fancy remote window trick would be the only thing saving us from completely roasting in your car?!?! HA!

    Hey, email me that pic of Coop. Should we visit for lunch next week? I can bring him in a nice full diaper if you'd like!

  3. hahaha Hannah - she still does it (the remote thingy). she's such a show off!! when for lunch????

  4. Next time I drive I'm NOT gonna do it. Burn off your booty if you want!! But don't cry to me when you are running around bootyless. :D


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