Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pee Water and Found Egg

She won my first contest!!! She is allllll the way in New York...and I is jealous. I've always wanted to go to New York . When I finally do I'm calling her up cause we are going to eat ice cream together.
Her lame prize is that she is going to be featured on my sidebar next week during my Blog fest of love!! Plus she'll always be known as the winner of Alice's Shenanigans first contest...I mean who doesn't want to be known as a winner forever and always? Just be glad the prize isn't Pee Water...on to that....
I have the day off tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! 4-day weekend...Holla!!! How am I gonna spend my fabulous time away from work....
The Lazy river is my fav...cause I'm Lazy like that river

E'ry year my kids, my sistah's kids and exclusive invited guests (ok who ever decides to join us) head to Knott's Soak City - Best Water Park in all of Sunny Diego!! It may be because of the crazy Pacific Spin or the family ride Coronado Express or because it's the only water park in the city...does it really matter?
Look at all the fun stuff to do!
So we do it up...spend all day there and even rent a cabana so we can pretend we're fancy people. Having the server bring us food and drinks like we're the ish...cause for that day we totally are.

I mean look at these people's happy faces! Don't they look fancy?

So last night BFH Alex (BFH=Best Friend's Husband and yes I call him that) came over to drop some stuff off. He hung out and chatted with My Rock and I for a hot minute. **forgot to add...My Rock isn't going with us because he works so we've been giving him a hard time about it** Anywho, When BFH left he said to me: "See ya Thursday...we're gonna have so much fun". To which My Rock responded "Yeah have fun swimming in Pee Water!"


I'll be spending my Friday taking multiple showers all day long.

Look kids it's a Giant bucket of Pee Water!!!What could be more refreshing on a hot day?

So what is My Rock's punishment for getting the image of me swimming in pee water in my head? Funny you should ask....................

I've been having some trouble sleeping lately...I don't know why. Last night was one of those nights. My Rock was snoring away next to I started to rub his back and then this conversation occurs:

Rock: "we found it"
Me: "found what?"
Rock: "the egg"
Me: (giggling) "where was it"
Rock: "Right here" (proceeds to shake his booty)
Me: (holding in my laughter) "You had an egg in your butt?"
Rock: "YOU have an egg in YOUR butt"
Me: (laughing hysterically) "why would I have an egg in my butt?"
Rock: "sshhh!"
Me: (can't stop the laughter my side hurts)"don't tell me to sshhh!"
Rock: "Baby please, Sshhh!" (back to snoring)
So I "sshhhed" and laughed into my pillow.
Good Night My love...we'll find the egg again tomorrow!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. I WON!!!!???!?!?!
    I am so proud. I would like to thank all the little people who worked to make this possible. Specifically, thanks to my agent Irv, the most dedicated manager ever (Tanya), and my mother who is my constant inspiration.

    thanks Alice! What an incredible honor!

  2. That is hilarious girl!!! Aww, have fun...I used to work there back in hs 'member?!!! hahaha..back when it was called White Water Canyon..lmao!

  3. HAHAHA Oh I love sleep talkers. Have fun in the PeeWaterPark!! =]

  4. THE EGG!!!! Freakin hilarious!!!! Miss ya, Alice! For rizzle.


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