Monday, July 20, 2009

Weeklong blog fest of LOVE (How it started)

In honor of our anniversary week I am hosting a
So get ready for some cheesey semi-romantic ish.
It's not a fairy tale love's our love story! :o)

I was 16 and a sophmore in high school. My bestest friend in the whole widest world, Tina, was dating a guy (we'll call him "tony") from a "rival" high school. She was all twitterpated and I was bitter because my boyfriend was far, far away.

Tina and I did just about everything together. So naturally all the pictures she gave to her boyfriend were of the two of us and our shenanigans (yes even back then). So one day Tina calls and tells me one of Tony's friends saw my picture and wanted to meet me. I had a boyfriend so I was not interested. It was this picture in case you are wondering....

Sorry it's blurry...I'll find a better one later. It's back when I was a "G"...I'm on the left.

So then one day I'm hanging out at Tina's house...sad because the college boyfriend is up to his old tricks and hasn't called in weeks...yes weeks. She mentioned her Honey coming over to watch a movie and I could care less sitting there in my sweats and messy ponytail. When "Tony" walks in he is followed by this cute jock looking guy. He looked over at me standing near the kitchen and I said out loud "I love him". I cracked up laughing and Tina's reply is "you guys are so gonna get married".

We talked for hours that night and exchanged phone numbers. We talked a few more times....but I had a boyfriend and Rocky was pretty cocky. (lame joke but so true). So I stopped returning his calls and eventually he stopped calling. Every few months he would ask about me (fine I asked about him too) and a couple of times he'd even call and we'd chat. He was a nice guy, but NOT what I wanted in a boyfriend at the time.

Then almost a year later...3 days after my "heartbreaking" break-up with the college boyfriend Rocky called. We had a fun conversation and he totally cheered me up with out even trying. We'd talk on the phone often and every once in a while he'd come over and we'd hang out and watch movies. We were great friends....I didn't need a boyfriend.

A few months later he went with me and my friends to Sea World....our first "unoffical" date. We watched the fireworks....he held my hand and I thought I was gonna pass out. I couldn't felt like the fireworks were going off in my heart. *Swoon*. That was it...a few days later (July 21, 1997) he asked me (kinda) to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

A few weeks after making it "official" I accompanied him to his cousin Richard's wedding. I sat in the back and looked at him standing next to his cousin at the altar and thought...once day he'll be standing up there waiting for me. Tina's reaction to our second date ever being a wedding..."I'm tellin' ya guys are gonna get married".

On our one year anniversary (July 21, 1998) we went to the beach by Sea World to watch the fireworks. We sat in the bed of his truck all snuggled up enjoying the show. Right before the big finale...he gets up onto his knee and pours his heart out to me. This is a BIG deal for My Rock...he's not a man of many words...and then he asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes and he slipped the ring on my finger.

One year and 3 days later we were married in front of 200 of our friends and family.

July 24, 1999


  1. awww...the last paragraph brought a tear to my eye...ok ok - tears to both eyes. soo sweet!

  2. awww I hope someone will be romantic and do something like that for me one day so we can live happily ever after. =] you are one lucky lady Alice!

  3. oh hell, if that's not one of the cutest stories! can't to wait to read the rest of your lovefest! :)/=

  4. awww what a great story! Were you still a teen when you got married? That brought a tear to my eye, too (just the left one).

  5. Sweet ... I wish I could read my typing through my tears. You guys are luckY with a capital Y.


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